How to Find the Perfect Monitor for Her

“Buy a monitor for her”

When it comes to giving gifts, the more technology advances, the greater the chance that your presents are going to be oriented around entertainment and utility. When previously jewelry would have sufficed for just about any occasion, more and more women are coming to appreciate the value of being able to use that thing that cost you a few hundred bucks instead of just wearing it at certain times of the year. Aside from that, being able to impress her with a bit of technical knowledge goes a lot farther in today’s dating scene than simply impressing her physically. So let’s take a look at what to consider when it comes time to find her a new monitor.

The First Question Always Needs to be How She Uses What She Already Has

“Does she loves playing video games?”

Is her computer use mostly casual updates of her social networks, browser games, or other low impact tasks? Does she do a lot of text work where it would be useful for her to be able to have two documents side by side? Is she into video games where a higher refresh rate can give her a lower input latency and improve her competitiveness? How important is color reproduction? Would she be replacing her current monitor, or could this addition be used in a multiple monitor set up? All of these scenarios require a different approach for the perfect solution, and are not necessarily mutually exclusive either.

Any time you start a search, you need to know what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a review of married dating sites or a comparison of video editing monitors, knowing the end goal is half the battle. Monitors in particular are a little more work than just hopping over to because of all the glowing reviews. Don’t trust the bogus reviews, read a real dating site review here: BeNaughty Review: Is This Site Good for Affairs Is Canada? Check out results for married dating site test and then make a decision.

First thing you have to know is what she’s doing and how you can improve the experience. For example, someone who spends a lot of time staring at text and comparing articles or doing research is going to be more interested in something that can provide a crisp, clear rendering of a lot of text and have the space to move it around. In this case, there are two possible solutions based on the size of area she can work with and her comfort level with technology. Either finding a single monitor to replace what she already has with a wide enough resolution to set windows side by side, and/or finding something to compliment her existing monitor so she can move things she isn’t currently using but wants to reference to the side.

Conversely, someone whose job includes lot of photo editing or video work is going to be more interested in color accuracy and viewing angles that anything else. The panel type is going to make the biggest difference here. TN, while the most common and cheapest panel available, often doesn’t cut it in either color reproduction or viewing angle. Often, you end up considering some sort of IPS panel for this sort of work. Even if you can’t afford one of the truly high end options, what most people have can be upgraded to a solid IPS panel for an acceptable amount of money. If she is all about competitive gaming, or constantly complains about stuttering in her games, consider a monitor that has higher refresh rates or newer gsync technology. The form helps if she already had a high end system to push frames above 60 in her favorite games. The latter is great if she doesn’t necessarily have the ability to run a steady frame rate over 60 FPS, since it syncs the monitor’s refresh rate, or Hz, to the FPS the video card is producing.

Once You Know, Compare

“Get the monitor with latest technology”

Just like looking for a review of married dating sites, you need to spend some time comparing and contrasting the various solutions to her requirements. The best way to do this is to not only read the reviews from the various tech sites that measure out all the specifics and tell you which is technically better than the other, but also spending the time you need to read up on the manufacturer warranty and the general appreciation of the product after it has been purchased. It can have all the best ratings in the world, but if the company has horrible quality control, chances are you are making a headache for yourself and her instead of giving her something she can really appreciate. So make sure to look beyond just the straight up review of the parts and find amateur reviews on day to day use that reflects how she is most likely to make use of it herself.

Understand the Difference between Resolution and Size

“Resolution matters”

This is important for two primary reasons. First, knowing the resolution she will benefit from the most is knowing how much she needs to find on the screen at once. Generally speaking you don’t want to go below 1080p. Anything smaller just is not worth the price, and fortunately usually is not available these days. Instead, you want to compare upwards to the next two most common resolutions: 1920 x 1200 and 2650 x 1440, also known as 1200p and 1440p. The biggest difference between these two sizes is the aspect ratio. Don’t let all the jargon throw you off, we promise it is easier to understand than you think. 1080p and 1440p are considered 16:9 (read sixteen by nine) aspect ratios whereas 1920 x 1200 is 16:10. What does this mean? Essentially, that the 1200p screen is a fatter rectangle height wise than the other two if you were to make them all a similar size. 1200p is a good alternative to shelling out for 1440p if she would make better use of the vertical space, as may be the case if she is doing a lot of text work, or wants two documents side by side. On the other hand, it is generally harder to come by outside of laptop monitors and may not be worth saving the extra money if it is that much more difficult to get your hands on.

Resolution is only half the battle, though. Just like one review of married dating sites wouldn’t be enough to convince you is the best of the bunch, only having the resolution of the monitor isn’t going to tell you which size to buy. Generally speaking, most monitors in 1080p, 1200p, and 1440p resolutions are going to come in variations of 23, 24 and 27 inches diagonally across. Sometimes you will also find a nice 30 inch monitor as well, but generally speaking the price difference is not worth the extra few inches. This becomes a definitely not worth it unless it also sports a 1600p resolution. So that leaves the decision between the 23, 24 and 27 inch varieties. As a general rule, it’s best to go with whatever fits best in the space. The primary difference between a 23 inch and a 24 inch monitor is pixel density with the smaller looking sharper because the pixels are closer together. The opposite, then becomes true as you increase the size of the monitor.

Pros and Cons of Inventing an Online Dating Persona

“Create a virtual avatar to impress women online”

Creating a virtual persona is one of the most basic getting laid online strategies in the United Kingdom. Some men feel like they’ve struck out with so many women as themselves that they have nothing to lose by inventing a persona to inhabit. It can make rejection easier to handle as well. They’re not really rejecting you; they just don’t like the persona that you’ve created for yourself. There are some definite downsides to this idea as well, however. Here we list some of the pros and cons of lying online about who you are in an effort to get ladies.

Pro: Stress Relief for You

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away”

One of the most basic pros of this is that it’s a stress relief for you. You can log into an adult dating site and enjoy being someone else for an hour or two a couple times a week. You can message ladies as a successful businessman or a struggling artist or whomever you’d like to be. You can like different kinds of music, different movies; you can have a completely different life. That’s often fun and very relaxing. It doesn’t really hurt anyone, especially if you prefer having flings online than in person affairs. You’re just chatting with hot ladies. For all you know she isn’t lounging naked in silk sheets either; she could just be in regular pyjamas instead of lace lingerie. If dating online is about experiencing your own desires then there’s nothing wrong with loosening up and pretending to be someone else for a little while.

Con: Won’t Attract a Woman You Want Something More With

“You will not find the women of your choice”

When you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, you’re not going to attract the kind of woman you’d really want to date. If you’re a nerdy guy, for example, and you go online and pretend to be a jock you’re not going to meet any ladies who are into nerds. You’re going to attract the kind of woman who loves a jock. There’s nothing wrong with that exactly, but it means that you can’t really come clean to a sexy ladyand have her meet in person. She’s going to know that you lied, so you’re stuck. There’s very little to be done at this point. Meanwhile, there could be women online right now who want a smart, sexy, nerdy man like you but you’re never going to meet them. They’re going to take one look at your jock persona and move on. You’re pretending to not be their type and you’re missing out on great women because of it.

Pro: Makes It Easier to Keep up NSA Arrangements

“Love with no commitment”

No strings attached relationships are perfect for getting out of your rut. Sex with no consequences and no obligations is basically the antidote to a dry spell. You can indulge and have fun, and that’s a lot easier when you’re using a persona to snag these women. The odds that you’re going to develop feelings for a woman who likes your persona are slim. She might be just your type physically, but her taste in men is a major turn off. If she loves your persona then there’s no chance that she’d ever really be into the real you. This means that you can keep your no strings attached relationship pure. Most of these relationships crash and burn when someone catches a dose of feelings, having part of this relationship be a fabrication means that any emotions will get nipped in the bud. If she does start to come on too strong, all you have to do is let your real personality shine through. She’ll be a little confused, but it should be enough to cool her affection without you having to put on a big intervention.

Con: Forces You to Act All the Time

“You have to act like someone you’re not”

It might be fun to pretend to be someone else at first, but keeping it up is like being in a twenty-four hour improv show. You have to consistently keep acting like someone you’re not. You won’t get a chance to rewind with this woman, and there’s no chance that you’ll form a meaningful connection. Empty sex can be fantastic, but there’s more to online dating in the United Kingdom than that. There’s a lot of pressure on you at all times to keep the act up. You don’t want to make a mistake at a crucial moment and blow your cover. You’re committed to lying constantly for however long you’re meeting women under this fake personality. It’s not a very relaxing or stable way to spend your leisure time. Even when things are going great there’s the looming likelihood that things are going to go terribly wrong to consider. You’ll never really be able to get away from the feeling that at any moment she’s going to discover the real you and you’ll lose everything.

Pro: Can Have Multiple Profiles for Different Types

“You have the option to create the persona of any guy you want”

Where is it written that you can only have one persona? You can actually craft a few different profiles to appeal to a few different types of women. You can create the persona of an adventurous jock, a careful businessman, a touching artist, or however many different guys that you think would get ladies. You can experiment with which hobbies get you the most attention and which movies spark the most conversation. You can try again and again and chat with a wide variety of women who are attracted to different things. You can really see who’s out there in the dating scene. This is one of the widest reaching getting laid online strategies.

Con: Can Have Backlash If She Finds Out

If you’re uncovered as a liar it’s not going to be pretty. Women don’t generally take well to finding out that the man they’ve been crushing on was made up. Try to spread your profiles out through different websites, or at least don’t make the mistake of using the same profile picture on five different profiles on the same website. If you do find a woman that you want to get serious with it can be very difficult to get her to know the real you without her discovering that you only pretended to be the man whose profile she read. Saying that you thought it would help you meet more women is not a good way to go if you do find someone to be serious about.

There are a lot of pros and cons to this approach. Some would say that honesty is the best policy. Some would say that as getting laid online strategies go, tailoring your profile to the guy that all the women like is a great one. There’s the problem, though. There is no one type of man that every woman wants, not really. While you’re busy pretending to be someone else the women who would really click with you are passing by without giving you a second glance. It’s fun to dabble in personas, but you should always check with how you’re feeling. When you decide that you’re ready for something more than dirty chats and casual sex you should create a profile for the real you. Otherwise you’ll see those guys who are like off brand versions of you snag the women you would have been perfect with. There are many tactics that you can implement when trying to find sex dating sites online. Visit to know more about these tactics and tips. Get laid with the help of our comprehensive guide.

How to Get Her to Try New Things Without Getting Shot Down

“Try out some new poses”

Sex can get boring if you’re doing the same things over and over. Sure, it’s nice whenever you’re hooking up with a hot lady, but if you’ve been with her for a while you’re going to want to start trying different things. No man is satisfied without throwing a little extra spice into the bedroom. It keeps the relationship from growing stale and it keeps you and her interested. If you’re into a specific kink, you can always check out some hookup dating site reviews and find women in Britain who you know are going to be into the same thing as you. While that’s an alternative, it doesn’t help you much if you like the woman you’re with and would rather try new things with her than move onto someone else. What do you do, though, when the woman you’re with is hesitant to try new things? Maybe she’s scared of disappointing you, maybe she just isn’t the type of person who’s comfortable with change, or maybe she’s just stubborn. Whatever it is, you might be faced with a situation where you’ll have to approach the idea of trying new things in the bedroom with patience and finesse.

Start Small

“The more you seduce her, the better the sex will be”

Getting her to try new things that you’re interested in experimenting with is only going to work out for you if you’re patient. We’re not saying beat around the bush with it, because then she’ll just think you don’t know what you’re doing and aren’t enough of a man to come out and ask her about it. If you want to try something kinky, you’ve got to start small and work up from there. Suggest something that’s just a little on the risqu side to get her introduced to the idea and then work your way up to the things you think will really get you off. That, more than anything else, will help her not shoot you down when you ask her to try new things. Baby steps are helpful in other situations and they’re going to do you wonders at times like these. You have to walk before you can run, so to speak, so get her moving in the right direction of trying something new and then go from there.

Take BDSM, for example. If you’ve ever wanted to get into that, it’s probably not going to get you very far to come right out and ask her about that right away. In that case, it would be worth it getting her to try some light bondage first. Restrain her wrists with soft cloth restraints like your tie or her stockings. You have to start small with new things, especially when they’re new kinks she’s unfamiliar with and might be hesitant to try. When she’s comfortable enough with you, you’ll be able to get her to try lots of new kinks a lot easier than you would trying to get her to try something kinky right off the bat and putting her off of the whole experience. If you jump right into new kinks with no finesse, you could end up getting a bad reputation in hookup dating site reviews, and no woman in Britain or otherwise is going to want to hook up with you. Once you have that pushy, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer stigma, it’s very hard to break free of it, so you’re better off just never having to deal with it. Learn how to woo these sexy English women by visiting Read casual hookup website reviews to get some interesting insights on spicing up sex life.

Suggest, Don’t Ask

“Suggest her to try new things in bed”

When you look at hookup dating site reviews written by women, there’s one thing in common that just seems to annoy them more than anything else. Most women are turned off when a man continuously asks for something. To them, it seems like a man is whining and women want a strong man, not one who acts like a spoiled child when he doesn’t get what he wants right away. Think about the movies and the sitcoms where couples who try to have sex are portrayed for comedic value: it’s always the man asking for sex, and the woman acting annoyed. If you’re constantly whining, she isn’t going to be attracted to you at all and you’re just going to end up fucking yourself over in the long run.

The key to getting her to try new things without getting shot down is posing the idea as a suggestion rather than a question. You know what’ we’re saying. Don’t beg her over and over if you can try something new, tell her that you’ve been thinking that trying something new might be good for both of you. It lies in there being a time and a place for everything, that’s the secret. If you both like porn and you’re watching it to get in the mood, you could watch a video with something you want to try and comment that you think it looks fun. This is a fine line to walk though, because if you’re with the type of woman who gets jealous easily there’s always the risk that she’ll start comparing herself to the women in porn and that is not the type of situation you want to deal with. Another good tip to not getting shut down is to make it about her. Instead of saying that it’s something you’d like to try (the implication being, of course, that it’s for your own benefit), try saying that you think it would be really good for her if you tried it. Think “I’d love to do this new thing to you” rather than “I want you to do this new thing for me”.

It’s all in the wording. Instead of “Hey, can we do this?” try something like “You know, that looks like something we could both enjoy.” A question puts her on the spot to provide an answer right away, and even if you’re not meaning to, it might come off to her as something that she can’t say no to. That will make her uncomfortable and hesitant to try anything new in the bedroom with you, whereas posing it as a suggestion is going to increase your chances of succeeding in getting her to experiment with new kinks. That allows her to think about it and if you put the thought into her head without making her feel like you’re trying to pressure her into it, she might bring the idea back up to you when she wants to try it. That’s also going to help the likelihood that she’ll try something new. Women like it when they’re the ones suggesting something because they feel that we as men don’t listen to them often enough.

Patience and Persistence

“Indulge in light bondage to add spice to your sexual life”

If she says no the first time, you know better than to push her. She’s only going to be put off from having sex with you for good if you try to pressure her into something and let’s face it, if she’s into you, it won’t take long before she’s all over begging to try something new, anyway. You have to be patient and if she doesn’t’ seem to like the idea the very first time you bring it up, you can always try again the next time she’s hinting at wanting to have sex. Most women in general are hesitant about trying new things, so you just have to be patient and wait for her to come to you once you’ve brought it up. Trust us; if you’re sexually compatible enough, she’s going to come to you asking for it. It’s almost a guarantee.

Wearable Computers? The Iwatch And Google Glass

Our world is forever changing, not just in the land, the way our world is growing and how people are also growing and changing to adapt to the changes of their surroundings but also in the way things are created. Much advancement in technology has given us humans’ easier lives, making it more convenient. With already so many gadgets out there for us to enjoy, will there still be more?

The answer is yes, nothing is going to stop technology from advancing and giving us awesome gadgets that can help our daily lives. Now Apple has something new to offer called the iWatch, which is as its name suggests, a smartwatch. But that is not the only gadget being talked about, Google has something to offer as well, their own baby called the Google Glass.

These two gadgets sound equally cool and amazing, but how exactly do they compare?

Your Wrist or Your Face?

Of course the most apparent comparison is where you will be wearing these new babies of technology. The iWatch, like any other watch, will be wrapped around your wrist and you will be able to do certain functions from smartphones like Siri on your iWatch. It beats having to still pull out your smartphone from your pockets or bags to be able to use it real quick because you will already be wearing it.

Jason Gilbert

Jason Gilbert

The Google Glass, however, is like wearing a computer on your face. These are glasses that can give your hands-free computing, let you view information privately, and even take first person videos. Kind of like the stuff you see in all those sci-fi movies.

Both Take a Lot Less Effort to Use

Because you will already be wearing it, whether the iWatch on your wrist or the Google Glass on your face, accessing the functions that your smartphones also have will be a lot quicker and would really save a lot of time. Like in those spy movies where you can “talk to your watch” when you are actually accessing Siri or just simply giving a command to your Google Glass.

One Still Has Questionable Existence

Well not maybe really a “questionable existence” but compared to the iWatch which is rumored to be released sometime this year, when the Google Glass will be coming out and amazing the world or if the manufacturing of it is even close to finished is still in the clouds.

Mashable - Google+ - In a battle betw

Mashable – Google+ – In a battle betw

It is not doubt though that these two will be big breakouts in the advance of technology. The iWatch probably being the first smartwatch and the Google Glass being a one of a kind, wearable, hands-free computer that will make you feel like you are in a sci-fi movie.

5 Ways To Find Out You’re Just Being Led On

It usually isn’t that hard to find out if you’re being led on or not. Chances are you already know the answer to the question; it’s just that you find it really hard to peel yourself away from that person you really like. You keep making excuses, but guess what? There’s always a good reason why that nagging feeling of yours just won’t go away. And if you still need it spelled out for you, then you have come to the right place.

Here are five ways for you to determine if you should pursue that feeling of giddiness, or if you’re just being plain led on.

Flirting with Other People

So what’s keeping your gal or boy from finally committing to the relationship? Are they dating somebody else on the side? Can’t let go of their mobile phone for one second even if you’re out doing something together? Are they always checking their social networking accounts or e-mails?

And we know this isn’t always the case but there are others who secretly make meaningful eye contact with other people, strangers or not, even when you’re together. If you have said yes too often on any of these questions, then you need to start thinking of making your exit.

No Talks about Relationships

8 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship

8 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship

Is your boy toy finding it difficult to spend time with you during the day? Like he can’t even bear to do normal stuff together, but never runs out of time to call and ask you if he could “spend the night”? Are you finding it difficult to ever talk to him about anything else, and does he always seem to avoid any talks about relationship? Well then if that’s the case, you are being led on. Stop making excuses to make yourself feel better. Walk away while you still can.

Worldly Goods

Does your partner always seem to ask too much from you? Like, asking too many favors from you? Giving you way too many hints over gifts he or she would like you to purchase? Are they more enthusiastic about knowing you got something for them, or you have plans of taking them on a vacation? If yes, then clearly, you are being led on, and you are only wanted for what you can give them materially. Don’t waste any more of your time. Leave as quickly as you can.

You’re being Left Out—On Purpose

How many times has this happened to you while you were together? They see a friend or a group of friends of theirs, and they ask you if it’s ok for them to take off—leaving you out in the cold. Not only will it be all kinds of awkward for you, it will also put a dent to your ego. That’s not cool, man. It never was, and never will be.

Not Introducing You to Their Family And/Or Friends

If your partner has qualms in making any of their family members or friends aware that he or she has you in their life, and you’ve already been going out for a couple of months now, it’s time to get to know what the reason is behind it. And if they can’t give you any valid reason for it, it’s time to move on.

11 Signs He's Not Headed Toward

11 Signs He’s Not Headed Toward

There you go folks. Five ways to determine if you’re being led on. When it comes to choosing a partner, you always have to be on your toes. What point is it to chase someone if they’re just going to make a fool out of you? That is not what love is all about, after all.

5 Ways To Strengthen Immune System

The changes in the season come with the risk of getting sick. Especially nowadays that the weather is becoming different due to global warming, no one can really predict when sickness would strike. Most importantly is to take precautions to boost your immune system and keep it on high. Little virus like flu should not easily bug you. So here are 5 natural ways to boost your immune system to the fullest.

1. Eat no sugar. The belief that consuming too much sugar can hurt your immune system has been around since 1973. Well this is true. In fact, studies proved that consuming even a little amount of sugar can impair white blood cells in a short period of time. Not only that, too much sugar could also cause obesity and diabetes. It also depletes vitamin C which fights off infections. Thus immunity cannot be possible if you are a sugar freak.

2. Avoid stress. Whether it is psychological, emotional or physical stress it always lead into something that is unhealthy to you. Psychologists have shown that a state of mind affects one’s health. Stress pumps up the immune system to become abnormal. For instance, it can cause common cold and other viruses. Haven’t you noticed that every time you are feeling low and something stresses you out, sometimes you come down with a flu or a light fever? That is because stress bothers the immune system.

Boost Your Immune System Sublimin

Boost Your Immune System Sublimin

3. Get enough sunshine. What’s there in sunshine? Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important in the sense of strengthening your immune system in defense with invading viruses and bacteria. Research studies showed that vitamin D has calcitriol which is the main component in strengthening the immune system. It blocks the features of the adaptive immune system that would lead to autoimmunity. When calcitriol is absent, the cells of the immune system are more likely to attack the healthy cells of the body (autoimmunity).

4. Expose yourself. Go outside often. Do not lock yourself up inside because you are afraid to get viruses and bacteria every time you go out. People with strong immune system are those who are exposed everyday with all kinds of environment germs may be present or not. When you are exposed to germs, your body will learn to fight them and protect you from acquiring the disease thus boosting your immunity. Alcohol and any other antibacterial agents are used only when necessary.

5. Garlic. Yes, garlic is a wonderful, wonderful immune system booster. Along with its odor (in which you should at least ignore), it has anti-cancer properties, fights inflammation, great for detoxifying, anti-infection, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. However, it should be eaten raw to really get its effects.



According to studies an average child may come down to 6 to 10 colds per year. An adult gets 2 to 3 colds a year. But when you are active outdoors you might get more than that. Essentially, ways to strengthen your immune system must be taken into consideration by each family heads. This is just a simple method to prevent serious sickness from happening.

The Effects Of Money In A Relationship

Money often leads to minor arguments between couples and this is the least harm it can do to a relationship. In fact, most fights arise from monetary issues and if left unsolved, divorce happens soon. Money issues work at par with infidelity in terms of loss of trust, resentment, and irreversible damage.

Habits that Bring Out the Adverse Effects of Money

Financial issues can be overpowering and it pays to know how to develop helpful habits and avoid practices that may extend bad effects to the relationship.

  1. Do not blame anybody: When debts become overwhelming, stress ensues and couples resort to blaming other people, if not each other and fight. Remember that debt is the enemy and not your spouse. Blaming it on anybody will not solve the problem. Stop complaining and discuss on how things can be worked out.

  1. Live within means: Learn to sacrifice for desires that you cannot afford. A total monthly expenditure that goes beyond your monthly earnings will definitely yield a negative figure on your finances. Even millions worth of assets get depleted by this way of spending. Increase your means through investments or work extra time in order to increase available funds for more.

  1. Distinguish work and home life: Work as hard in the home as you do in the office but set aside business matters once you step at your door. Refrain from accepting business calls and do not even entertain thoughts on business to improve quality time for family. Focusing in work and money often leads to unhappy family life but a focus on family often leads to inspired spirit to work and earn more.

  1. Be honest about money: Discuss openly the cost-cutting measures and financial goals and you will be able to overcome financial issues together. Lie about money and you sabotage the relationship real fast. Eliminate unnecessary stress by being honest.

  1. Establish a budget: Create together a written and detailed monthly budget and stick to it and include emergency fund. This veers you away from exceeding beyond what is affordable and yet have extra in case of unforeseen family emergencies.

The psychological effects of money

The psychological effects of money

The Effects of Money in Relationship with Partner, Friends and Family

Smart couples consider money talks all the time. Having someone to work with on financial goals provides encouragement and ideas that makes achievement easier and faster. A couple into financial planning together significantly improves wealth and so happiness ensues. In fact, saving together is proven better than saving separately. Get on the habit early and move onward as a team.

Whenever friends and family need money, and this is a usual occurrence, lending is one generous act and one that can ruin relationships fast and easy as well. Logic makes you think of it as a mere temporary fix and may dictate other helpful ways but emotion prevails when it concerns people you love and care about. By human nature, people normally give in time and again and repeated situations of getting unpaid break several relationships around.

How to Lend Money to Loved Ones the Right Way

  1. Discuss with your partner. It pays to know he understands and you share the same consideration as a couple.

  2. Consider the loan as a gift. This way, you do not expect to get paid back so you lend only what you can afford to lose. Remember that even a black and white agreement is hardly enforceable between friends and family.

  3. Help in solving by other means. Lending money is often a mere temporary fix. Other assistance may work better including job recommendations or considering business with the needy friend or family as industrial partner.

How to safely lend money to family

How to safely lend money to family

Couple should talk about money for the relationship and other surrounding relationships to work out fine. Establish ground rules from consultation on large purchases to lending to friends and family. Make this a general rule in the marriage. Forget the money talks and together you die broke.

5 Mental And Emotional Triggers To Make People Buy Your Product

Just what makes people buy your stuff online? Buying something out from the screen can bring challenges to both buyers and sellers. Unlike purchasing products where you can see and touch, things online can be surreal; that and the possibility that the product is not as good as it looks online. But lots of people today still risk this fact and went on buying online. It is not really because it is easier or more convenient if they do their shopping online, basically because of the following triggers that their mind and heart tell them to buy your stuff online.

The trigger of giving a favour

A study shows that if you giving something to a stranger there is 60% likely that he or she will buy something you offer as a return to a favour you have given him or her. This is even if you are offering a product three to four times way beyond the total price of the favour you have given that person. This technique is wildly use on the internet by people who are marketing their product online. This is the reason why bloggers often offer giveaways like ebooks, video tutorial or podcast just so they will convince you to subscribe to their email list. The more value you give to your subscribers, the more they will feel obliged to buy your product or services.

The trigger of want and love

Of course, you know that people buy something that they want or would love to have. If you know what your market segment wants or love to do, you can easily offer these stuffs to them or make them want the products you already have. Not all people go on buy something because they need it. That is why you don’t put your effort on making people to need your product but rather you make them want it. People need to eat, but they don’t buy the food they need to eat but rather those that they want. Human beings respond to emotional and physical needs and these are often directed by emotions that would want people to buy something they think they need but actually they only want to have.

7 Emotional Sales Triggers

7 Emotional Sales Triggers

And so this works the same with people buying what they love to buy or to purchase stuff they could barely afford for their loved ones. Love motivates a person to own something like pets, hobby, arts form among others even if they have to spend a lot of money for it.

The trigger of commitment

A person who is committed to a goal, a group or an idea will likely stick to the decision they have made. This is one of the prime tool internet marketers use to earn big bucks online. One good example for this is an online membership or premium products that will offer a very low amount of money in the first month and will then bill you ten times its initial value the succeeding months. This is a way to have people committed to their service. You might also receive offerings of products you like at a very low price in the beginning and if you get used of buying products from this website, you will soon find yourself buying what they offered even in a very high price.

The trigger of Fear

Fear is a very powerful tool to make people buy stuff online. This is an emotional trigger that keeps people surviving even in a very difficult time. Tapping into to fear zone of your consumers can make you earn big bucks. The fear principle can be seen on some fitness products – the fear of being fat, unhealthy and socially unwanted. Fear of missing out a wonderful event; fear of not knowing what others know about; fear of not being the first to get hold of something are just but a few example of fear trigger marketing line.

Mental Triggers and Strategies Used

Mental Triggers and Strategies Used

The trigger of authority

It will never go out of style; people will always comply with authority. If not, why would people follow what celebrity does even if it is on the verge of being crazy? If you have become an authority on your field earning millions of followers, then you are a good person to do product launches because you will certainly be able to sell what you offer. There will be a lot of people listening to what you say.

Knowing what makes people buy product, whether it be from emotional or mental trigger will help you achieve success and earn big bucks in your online business.